We Take Root in Hong Kong
and have theCourage to Innovate

We always do our best to develop "Cyber" system and carry out with happiest mind, as well as defining complex things in a simple way.

We are Cyber Universal, presenting you the brand new POS system - ZyberPOS.

Thank you for your kind attention, we will keep trying our best to do better.


Enjoy 24-hour sales
Online Shop
POS System


Easier to manage
a wide range of products.

Why you should use ZyberPOS?

  • Cloud Service

    Cloud Service

    Cooperate with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and offer you a more stability platform.

  • Online Shop

    Online Shop

    With the O2O solution, more business opportunities will be created, make you sell more and earn more.

  • Intelligent Email

    Intelligent Email

    By one-click setting, various daily e-reports will be sent to you automatically.

  • Functional Integration of Marketing

    Functional Integration of Marketing

    Easily promote your products with integrated SEO,EDM and SMS features.

Who needs ZyberPOS?

Who needs ZyberPOS?
  • Beauty Salon

    Beauty Salon

  • Retail Store

    Retail Store

  • Online Shop

    Online Shop

  • Food


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